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Welcome to the Panacea Therapy Group's Adult OCD Boot Camp Registration. This week long boot camp aims boost your work and jump start your path to being OCD Free! Group is led by Panacea’s therapists specifically targeting OCD symptoms via education and exposures. Individuals will benefit from 15 hours of peer group interactions and 4 hours of individual specific work over the course of 5-days.

Bootcamp registration is limited to 12-15 people per camp.  

Peer group interaction aims to reduce novelty of OCD as a person specific issue and normalizes the process of OCD across all symptoms domains

Peer and individual exposures will challenge each individual's compulsive cycle. Each individual will engage in exposures directly related to their, and others OCD symptom presentation

OCD Bootcamp will focus on family accommodation behaviors. Each member and their family will have 1-on-1 access an OCD counselor that will help identify and reduce family accommodation for OCD

OCD Bootcamp will educate attendees about brain functioning, how OCD affects the brain and body, and why exposure therapy with response prevention is a great therapy to reduce symptoms

Individual sessions will build upon peer group topics and work on enhanced exposures to target idiosyncratic symptoms of OCD

Overall, Panacea's OCD Bootcamp will educate and arm attendees with information and skills to jumpstart their journey to being OCD Free! Guest speakers will share their lived experiences with OCD and how exposure therapy helped them regain their lives


To register, please take the time to fill out the information below. Submit a registration for each person who will attend. 

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