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Welcome to the Panacea Therapy Group's OCD Support Group registration page. Completion of this registration will enroll you for our six week support group.  This group is an educational and support group for parents and caregivers of individuals suffering from OCD. This group will be led by two licensed professionals from Panacea Therapy Group who's work primarily focuses around the diagnosing and treatment of OCD. 

The group cost is $60 (per person) for the entire six week course. Group will meet Thursday's from 12:00 p - 1:00 p.

This group will focus on general information about the group, getting to know your fellow group members and leaders, and introducing the course. 

This group will focus on common types of OCD & facts and myths about OCD. We will discuss themes throughout common types of OCD presentations. 

This group will focus on family accommodation behaviors. We will discuss how accommodation is detrimental to the sufferer and suggestions for overcoming accommodating behaviors. 

This group will focus on biological, psychological, and sociological considerations for suffers and caretakers of those who suffer. 

This group will focus on shame and guilt associated with caring for a sufferer with OCD. We will discussed caregiver guilt and how it affects their relationships.

The final group will allow for more Q & A for attendees.  We will discuss resources for those who are suffering with OCD as well as their caretakers.  The final group can advocate and link attendees to therapists in our area. 


To register, please take the time to fill out the information below. Submit a registration for each person who will attend. 

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