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panacea pricing

affordable + transparent


Retainer: $70

Session:   $95

Our goal is to meet you where you are and walk with you where you want to go. Our traditional plan provides just that.

If you're accustomed to in-person, office based counseling experiences, the traditional plan will suite all your needs.

Panacea Therapy Group offers this plan for those more comfortable with person-to-person counseling experiences with a cost 10% that of other provider's charging customary rates. 


Retainer: $100

Session:   $95

Looking for a more convenient, cost effective counseling experience that connects you with counselors in your area that share common values and experiences? Our Modern plan will fit those needs!


With this plan you'll be able to meet with your counselor both in office and online.  Our technology provides convenient, reliable connections that allow you the flexibility to meet with your counselor on your schedule, in the comfort of your home. These technologies are easy to use and entirely confidential.

Our Modern plan offers more flexibility and access for those with a busy schedule wanting to connect with counselors in their area.

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